ksea pdf 2019
in austin, texas

June 21st Friday 1:30PM-23rd Sunday 1PM
at Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark, Austin, TX

♢ KSEA Professional Development Forum ♢

새로운 패러다임의 PDF 컨퍼런스

Upcoming Tech Talks, Market Trends and Leadership

One of the Keynote Speech:

I "Crossing the diaspora frontier"

II “Invent the Future

– 4 차 산업혁명시대의 일과 생활”

새로운 패러다임의 PDF 시작과 현재와 미래에 대한 짧은 설명 

 Following the success of the Silicon Valley Chapter’s Young Professional Forum at Stanford University in Nov. 2017, the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) established a new tech-oriented professional development forum (PDF) for new and established Korean-American professionals in the U.S.

The 1st PDF was held in Silicon Valley, CA from 5th~ 6th of May 2018. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the attendees and keynote speakers. The majority requested the event be expanded. 

The PDF Chair is pleased to announce that the 2nd PDF will be held in Austin, TX and the program will span 3 days, from  21st~ 23rd of June 2019.

The program will include stimulating talks, informative sessions, an industry site visit of a hi-tech company, a visit to the Texas Capitol, and abundant networking opportunities with special evening entertainment.

♢ Who Should Attend? ♢

PDF에 누가 참석하는가? If not you, who? 여러분이 아니라면 누가 ??





♢ Our Program ♢


One of the Keynote Speech: I  “Crossing the diaspora frontier” II “Invent the Future –4차 산업혁명시대의 일과생활”

Special Leadership, Upcoming Technology Trend, Market Trends, Fusion Tech, 4th Industrial Revolution, Elevator Pitch, etc.

Tech Trends

A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), Fusion Tech, Disruptive Technology, Medical Tech, Bio Tech, Intelligent transportation , Wearable device including Battery Technology, Robot 특집 포함 etc.


BlockChain Technology, Cryptography,  Python

Lectures by Tech-oriented Industry & Academic Leaders

Ambassador, VP of Hi-Tech Companies, CEO, CTO, Professor, Entrepreneur, Startup Leader, etc.

Market Trends

Upcoming & Crucial Technology , Fusion Technology, Disruptive Technology, Battery Technology, Medical Technology, 5 G, etc. 

“감성문화산업 – BTS and JSO”

BTS 심층 분석

Professional Skills  including Hiring 특강

Dealing with upper management, communicating with the boss, negotiating salary, etc.- Managing Career transitions
Discussing Promotions, Salary Increases,Negotiating Offers,Navigating professional networks and references,Performance Evaluations,Interview Skills & Resume Writing for Seasoned Professionals and Executives

Registration ends May 23, 2019


Omni Austin Hotel at Southpark Austin, TX


June 21-23, 2019

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